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Tzavta Salon

A Curated Conversation of Art and Substance.

“Tzavta” is Sidewalk Citizen Bakery's  cultural dinner salon host to curators,  writers, installers, artists, scientists and interesting people from around the world.  

For Starters

In January 2016 Sidewalk Citizen Bakery started Tzavta (the Hebrew word for the act of sitting together, sharing food and conversation among friends), a cultural dinner salon. Our vision was to create an intimate, convivial, intellectual space. As a bakery whose existence and name were prompted by Jane Jacobs’ sidewalk ballet as described in The Death and Life of Great American Cities, we are committed to the public sphere and the city’s cultural fabric.

The Food

 For each salon, we create a lavish meal in honour of our speaker, inspired by their passion, taste, heritage or whim. Each menu is unique and created by our team of bakers, chefs and pastry chefs. For each salon we commission an original work of art which is also printed on a postcard with the menu for the evening as a keepsake for attendees

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 “The Tzavta Salon was a gem at the end of a 5 months long book tour around the world. The food was fantastic, the hosts generous, the location beautiful and the audience engagement was surpassing. The Salon was the highlight 

of my tour.”


Peter Wohlleben - Author - The Secret Life Of Trees

 “Tzavta is a wonderment: a gathering of talented, engaged, energetic people, discussing the things that matter and embodying those things: frankness, fearlessness, affection, curiosity...and celebrating the delights of the senses, especially food-as-gift. I loved my evening there so much and am still, nearly a month later, abuzz with ideas that were raised. I left with a renewed vision of the possibilities of human generosity.” 

George Saunders - Author

“The Tzavta salon was amazing. I was surprised and delighted by the level of questions and interest from the audience and the conversation was dynamic and flowing. The food was spectacular and the atmosphere engaged and enthusiastic. I had a great connection with the moderator and I didn’t want it to end. I stayed for another two hours after, drinking beer and making friends.”


Michael Landry, Detection Lead Scientist with the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO)

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Tzavta Salon

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